5 Quick Ways To Boost Confidence

As a younger woman in her 20's I lacked self confidence with a mixtured of being married to a narcissis and still trying to figure who I am became a struggle. Until after my divorce and with time and good old age (Yep at 39) the less I seem to really care about how others viewed me.  If you need a little boost check out 5 quick ways! 

1. Practice self-care.
It’s popular for a reason. So many of us are discovering that the missing link to feeling good about ourselves is taking care of ourselves and including “me” time in our crazy schedules.
It’s hard to feel confident if you don’t feel good about yourself. Self-care can include skincare, soaking with a bath bomb, meditating, reading, or time to do the things you love. 
2 Remind yourself of the good.
You’re good at things. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m not good at anything”, then I have two things to say to you:
  1. Everyone  is good at something because everyone has a purpose. If you feel like you don’t know where you’re strength is, it’s because you’re not paying attention. 
  2. You’ve got a strong victim mentality going in this area of your life and it’s hurting you. You’re capable of achieving your dreams, but you’re getting in your own way. How do you stop? By realizing that you have power and using it.
You are good at things. Focus on what they are. Practice them every day. Work at becoming the best at those things instead of mediocre with the things you struggle with.
3 Fake it till you make it.
This is a common suggestion because it’s tried and true. Confidence is one of the best things you can fake until it comes naturally. It's like acting, imagine being your role model.
What does that mean? Imagine who you are and who you will become when you’re confident with yourself. Now, be that person. Wear what they would wear. Say what they would say. Take on projects they would do. Fake it till you are that person.
It will happen if you persist through the hard parts of self-doubt and roadblocks. You are fully capable of being that person. You don’t have to believe that 100% right now, but you do have to just do.
4 Remember: we’re all human.
There’s no such thing as “perfect”. Some people can come pretty close to making it seem like they’re perfect and/or their life is perfect. Don’t let that intimidate you. 99% of the time, it’s a facade to mask their insecurities.
5 Imagine yourself as the most powerful person in the world.
Because you are. You are the most powerful person in your world. Don’t hand over your power so willingly to others.

When I’m having an extremely hard time with confidence, I take a deep breath and imagine that I am the most powerful person in the room. 
If all else fails, smile, shoulders back and head up high! You got this own it.
Love Sue XOX 
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