5 Things Confident Women Do

#1: Confident women say thank you when complimented. 

I think women in general get giving well but receiving is another matter entirely. We believe self-deprecation, negative self-talk or minimizing when someone complements us is humility but it's actually not. It's false humility. Confident women are able to say thank you and receive well with out getting a big head. They know that it all comes from God and they are able to give him glory without bashing themselves in the process. 


#2: Confident women carry themselves well.

Many times our posture and body language reflects what we believe about ourselves. Confident women carry themselves like the queens that they are. So when you walk into any room, shoulders back, head up and eyes straight ahead. Make eye contact. No fidgeting, Confident women are at ease and comfortable in their own skin. 



#3: Confident women don't apologize excessively.

Us gals can really out of hand with this one. apologizing for everyone and everything. In our attempt to be empathetic, please, and save the day we don't realize that we are actually creating a lot of doubt in our souls.

"Im sorry to bother you"
"Im sorry you didn't like the restaurant" 
"I'm sorry, let me get out of your way"
"I'm sorry but we need to talk"
It's one thing to apologize when we mess up (and we should) but quite another to apologize for people and circumstances we had nothing to do with. The next time you need to get by someone in the aisle of the grocery store instead of saying "I'm sorry" just say "excuse me" instead. 

#4: Confident Women feel no need to offer explanations for their boundaries or their "no".

When confident women set a boundary they do it neither to offend or please the other party. They do it for themselves and feel zero need to justify their decisions. They realize that NO is a complete sentence and are cool with that. Fear of what other people think or how other people will react does not rule their decision making process. 

#5: Confident women have nothing to prove.

They don't compete, compare, interrupt or one up other people. Instead the complement, listen and freely give encouragement. They realize there's plenty of room at the table and if there's not, they build a new table

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