Empowering Women Collection | Why I started

 How & Why did I start this collection?

How? I started adding my own custom T-shirts to my store, the month just so happened to be March, Women's History Month. As I started focusing on women's month I became attached pretty quickly, why? I have been told so many times in my life that I'm not good enough, I can't make it and I will FALL flat on my face. 

The years of mental abuse hit hard and I struggled to find my voice again. I have recently become aware that the person is a Narcissist, I know people throw that label around quite freely, but a close friend sent me a Youtube video on surviving narcissist, after watching the first video I felt a connection finally I understood why the consent mental abuse. A narcissist is a REAL disorder, again I've heard the title thrown around way to freely to fully understand that in fact, this is what I've been/am dealing with. I feel relieved, knowing that finally, I can start to process what I've been up against.


And from many other experiences in my life I would like  to help and promote self-worth to women that at some point in life have been told that they are not good enough, from a boss, from a peer, from a friend, from a family member. I know how much IT HURTS. I want to empower women to stand up tall and say I CAN. 

I want to help, offer support and tell you that in fact, YOU are good enough and are capable of any dream big or small and don't give up on YOU. 

We all need someone to have our back, and sometimes we have no one encouraging and giving words of strength when we need them the most.  I want every woman to know I'm cheering for you. I want you to feel that anything is possible and just keep moving. You GOT this. 

I felt so strongly about my purpose for this collection I made a raw uncut video to my personal facebook account, I wanted everyone to see Me, RAW - messy me with real emotions. 

My collection is about YOU helping, supporting and building you! 

 Please share this message and/or shop my collection I have so many ideas on how I want to grow this and GIVE back to women in need. 

Stay amazing and know I'm rooting for YOU

Sue XOX  

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