How To Rock Snake Print | Hot Trend For Spring 2019

How To Rock Snake Print |

Hot Trend For Spring 2019

I'm kinda on the fence with the snake print trend if I'm honest! I know, I know.. If anyone should be all about every trend it should be, right? Well, I don't believe in following every trend or at least going all in with every trend. 

I love, leopard print that my friend is truly my thing :) Back to the snake print, I'm kinda on the fence mainly because they freak me out if I'm honest! However, I do love seeing the print on other people I think its a very edgy and daring look especially if worn in a complete outfit.

I will dabble with an accessory or two especially in a white print, I feel its less daunting that than a  traditional boa print.

I did go all out in my boutique adding purses & of course dresses galore, so yes check out my favorite take on the must-have printed. Oh did you see my special circular snake print purse? Now, this is unique.


We have some great finds in snake print here are a few of collection.







I've shared a few of my favorite looks from my boutique I have plenty more online so head over and take a little look link here  also to show my appreciation take 15% off with code: March


If you have any personal styling questions feel free to shoot me an email or contact me directly through my consultant website  I'm here to help.


Sue XOX 

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